Foodie Friday: It’s Party Time!

Here in South Africa we are celebrating Heritage Day tomorrow (24 September) and as South Africans, we like to braai, entertain and spend the day eating …  That is also true for my family and our previous parties always included potatoes, chips (or crisps) as snacks, mielie soufflé (with loads of sugar) and heaps of garlic bread!  However, since last year, I’ve changed my lifestyle, how am I going to do this event “low carb” style and still keep it interesting for all my guests?  Never fear, Heidi is here to help!

Heritage Day is tomorrow and as South Africans, we like to braai, entertain and spend the day eating…  How does that fit in with my new, healthier lifestyle?  Well, it need not be a stressful event – in fact, I always find great satisfaction when I host a get-together and everything is really healthy AND super tasty! It’s almost as if people don’t expect the two to go together… But, think about it, if you’re having a braai, you basically need to worry about a meat source or two and a couple of salads or side dishes and then a few snacks (even a healthy dessert, if you wish).

It really needn’t be a buffet of meats with 50 different side dishes – I cringe at this – go for quality rather than quantity.  Choose meats such as steak or chops that is simple to cook and require only the basic of seasoning to bring out the best flavour.  Decide on no more than 2 salads or side dishes to best complement these main attractions.  And as always KEEP IT REAL!

If you’re thinking of making a dessert, opt for a sugar-free one. A luscious ice cream will go down a treat on a hot Saturday!  Here are some ideas:

Make your guests feel welcome and have a few snacks on hand – hosting a low carb / real food party doesn’t need to be a dull, drab affair! Who needs store-bought stuff full of junk when you can effortlessly whip up amazing and tasty, healthy food..?!  Here are some snack ideas:

A few ideas for your main attraction:

Happy Heritage Day, Braai Day or just another fabulous party!


Heidi Visser



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