Foodie Friday: Kiddie Approved!

When we set out on a new health / lifestyle path, it’s often because we’ve made the wrong choices previously in our lives.  Not perhaps because we chose to, but we probably didn’t know any better.  In today’s day and age, we not only have the knowledge resources to educate ourselves, but also our kids!  We have to make sure they make the right food choices!  We also live in a time where kids {and all people} have more choices than ever and even more access to the wrong stuff… Yes, it’s scary, but I truly believe that if we instil a love for food and an understanding of quality, real ingredients in our kids, they might just be okay.

I have two boys and it is difficult to control what they do or don’t eat.  For us, low carb living isn’t just a diet that mommy’s on – it’s our lifestyle and we’re all committed to it.  Do we ever ‘cheat’ or ‘fail’? Yes, we do. But then we just carry on, on the right path. Healthy, low carb, is our normal.  With kids, there will be birthday parties, there will be school lunches or lunch boxes to pack, there will be tuck shop, friends, you-name-it…

I believe that there are parents out there that don’t realise all the hidden sugars and bad stuff in the food their kids eat (like Zelmia) – most don’t even give it a second thought, and although this really saddens me to my innermost core, it’s not really our place to advise other parents on their kids’ ‘diets’…

My advice

  1. Keep your home a real food, sugar-free, low carb environment.  Make the change today!
  2. Teach your kids about real food.
  3. Don’t stock any sweets (or other bad stuff) at home – it’ll just be a temptation, but do give them sugar-free, real food, dessert options on occasion.
  4. When possible, involve your kids in the cooking / prepping process.
  5. Feed them healthy fats that will keep them full and satisfied.
  6. Pack healthy, low carb, sugar-free lunch boxes – you will probably find that their school has a strict policy on sugar and sweets – that’s a good thing! Be glad.
  7. And be prepared – always have appropriate, healthy, filling snacks or nibbles on hand.
  8. When your kids attend birthday parties or play at a friend’s house – let them have some sweets {it’s really inevitable}, but do feed them a healthy, filling meal before they go. This will stop them from over-indulging. And if they still do, well, chances are they won’t feel great and perhaps next time they won’t indulge quite as much.
  9. Don’t use food as a reward.
  10. Don’t fall into the trap of making them finish all their food – if they don’t want to eat, they don’t have to. In our house, the rule is: they don’t have to finish their food, but meal time is meal time.  They can’t ask for something else shortly after meal time…  On the other hand, my boys, the eldest in particular {age 5}, are like worms, seriously, they can eat and eat and eat.  But they are not overweight, they really just have a healthy appetite and they really like veggies and good, healthy, real food, so Mommy is happy.
  11. Try NOT to buy fruit juice or other fizzy cold drinks – offer water, rooibos tea or milk {full cream}.

Snack Time

Some of my boys’ favourite snacks or in-betweeners (or you can even use these for picnics) include:

  • Quiches – crustless, obviously – I make them in a variety of flavours, sometimes as individual little ‘muffins’, sometimes as a ‘pizza tart’, etc. They love these – hot or cold!
  • Cauli bites
  • Meatballs
  • Boiled eggs {my youngest is NOT a fan, but the other one can eat 3 in one go!}
  • Carrots – oh my goodness, they’re like bunnies with their carrots, they love the stuff! Just plain raw.
  • Cheese – they prefer mozzarella cheese as opposed to cheddar
  • Seed crackers
  • Cold meat & cheese roll-ups or just plain cold meats
  • Small apples
  • Bacon, bacon and more bacon
  • Plain, double cream Greek-style yoghurt
  • Strawberries
  • Nuts – pretty much any variety

A Few Ideas

Here are some #KidApproved meal ideas from my blog:


And some more specific snack ideas:


I suppose I’m lucky, in that my kids eat most of the things we do, but then again, I’d like to think it’s because they’re raised in a house where we appreciate and love real food.  With my youngest, it can sometimes be a bit trickier, as he really loves his bread and carbs… I always make sure I have the things that HE really enjoys too. I also try and disguise the things he doesn’t like to eat, such as eggs – he actually LOVES his quiches… So!  The biggest thing really is to be prepared and have appropriate snacks on hand!

Enjoy cooking with your little ones!

Heidi Visser


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  1. Irene

    This is a very insightful and great article! And although aimed at kids, it really is appropriate for everyone. Thanks Heidi, your articles are always a good read with lots of take-aways.

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