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Foodie Friday: Dare to leave Dairy?

Like I’ve mentioned before… I have been reading about dairy and fertility quite a lot in the past few months and I found so many contradicting articles that I decided to start focusing on this for the next few weeks.  In our Foodie goes Primal series, Heidi has also mentioned dairy before, especially in the different forms of diets we follow.  So without any further ado, let’s start our focus on diary with a note from Heidi!

Dairy is a great source of good fat when following a low carb ‘diet’, HOWEVER, dairy consumption has different effects on different people and it also depends on your form and intensity of low carb living.   Allow me to explain:

  1. If you’re mostly worried about your carb intake and following a very strict keto or LCHF diet, full fat dairy is a good source of fat and it really makes food choices and cooking a whole lot easier!
  2. If you’re leaning towards a more Paleo or clean eating approach, then dairy really isn’t a great option.

Remember, one of the main differences between Paleo and LCHF/Banting is the use of dairy.  If you do have dairy, I would recommend the following:

  • DO: If you have dairy, only have it on occasion
  • DO:  Definitely stick to high fat, mature cheeses
  • DO: Remember to read your labels too – all dairy is not created equal!
  • DON’T:  Milk, even full cream, has a lot more sugar (lactose) than cream (which, like butter, is more of a fat than a dairy).
  • DO:  Rather opt for cream in coffee instead of milk.
  • DON’T:  Or at least try to avoid yoghurt, as that can also have quite a high lactose content.
  • DO: Go for double cream Greek-style yoghurt.

In our home, I really enjoy my cheese, and tend to stick to full fat, mature cheese. I rarely use milk, only in tea sometimes, and hardly have any yoghurt. This works for me, but each person is different.

Let’s do an experiment:  go without dairy for a week or two and see how you feel.

Is there a difference?  I don’t believe we were really meant to consume dairy after all…  If you dare to try the experiment, remember to give me your thoughts!  As always, leave me a comment below!