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Foodie Friday: Leftovers to the rescue!

What if it’s just been one of those weeks?  And the motivation to cook healthy is just not there?  Don’t give up on healthy eating just yet!  A very dear friend of mine once told me, they have at least one dinner a week that’s mainly leftovers!  That tradition requires two things:

  1. Very good planning
  2. The power to repurpose

Heidi is here to help!  Foodie Fridays to the rescue!

It’s Friday again and this week has just been one hectic blur…  In busy times like these, I’m SO thankful for clever ideas to repurpose leftovers, but also for the power of a properly planned meal plan and prep day!

I don’t know about you, but I welcome any time-saver tips and tricks.

Meal planning and prepping is becoming ever more popular and it makes sense – instead of spending an hour every night on cooking dinner, rather consolidate and spend 2-3 hours on a Sunday (or whenever) and batch cook for the week! This also allows you to cleverly plan for leftovers and using them in new and creative ways.

My husband absolutely hates leftovers – he just won’t eat the same meal twice in a row or even twice in the same week. He’s spoilt like that…  Anyways, I hate wasting, so I often use leftovers in new dishes, without him even realising it – hehe… 😉

My plan of action includes the following:

  1. PLAN your menu for the week
  2. Get the recipes all in one place so it’s easy to access for when you do the cooking
  3. Write a shopping list according to your menu – and remember to include snacks, breakfasts and other bits
  4. Device a prep guide – see which dishes can be made in advance and where possible done in larger batches to be frozen for later, or just save time while cooking, e.g. if you’ll need 3 chopped onions for 3 different dishes, chop them all at once and just split them up, etc.
  5. Block out a 2-3 hour window on a weekend or quiet time that you can spend on prepping and cooking for the week ahead.
  6. Remember what we said last week, that having snacks on hand makes your life SO MUCH easier, especially with kids! It’s all about being prepared!

There are so many ways in which to use leftovers, but a few of my favourites include:

  1. Savoury mince / bolognese sauce – this can easily be used again in a bake or with eggs for breakfast. You can use it with egg wraps or make lettuce tacos – this is always a good leftover to have! I always cook a large batch so that there’s left over.
  2. Cooked meat – any cooked meat can be used in salads, bakes, etc.
  3. Salad bits – my favourite salads are a concoction of stuff in the fridge; bits of leftover chicken or other meat, cabbage, herbs, avocados, toasted seeds, etc.
  4. I also use leftover cooked veggies in salads
  5. Quiches – you can create a quiche out of pretty much any leftovers – just add whisked eggs, cheese and a splash of cream, bake and you’re all set!
  6. Leftover chicken – simply becomes chicken mayo (same with leftover fish)
  7. Another favourite of ours is to create little ‘picnic-style’ dinners from leftover bits. I use colourful ice trays for the kids and literally fill each compartment with a bite of something – they LOVE it!

If you’re in need of some more ideas / recipes for using up leftovers – have a look here! (http://foodiegoesprimal.com/?s=leftovers&submit=Search)

And for more info on meal planning and prep, click right here:   (https://talkfeed.leadpages.co/leadbox/146bf8af3f72a2%3A15ef2df48346dc/5728962252636160/)

Heidi Visser