What I Eat

I am an engineer by training and trade. I could almost say born and bred (since most of the men in my family are in engineering, that’s all I know how to do).  I work in a project environment and therefore I’m on the road a lot, my meetings often start at 07h or 08h in the morning, which means I leave my home between 05h30 and 06h00 in the morning.  Even if fertility were never a problem, my work is extremely stressful, purely because it requires long hours away from home.  I never had time to consider eating healthy, preparing snacks for the next day or packing extravagant lunches.  As I’ve mentioned, when I reached my “breaking point” with infertility, I made the decision to start nurturing my body, specifically by checking what I eat (read the full story here).  This change is based on 7 general guidelines, which are actually very basic, but it doesn’t matter how basic it sounds, it is definitely easier said than done when you have to start packing lunches and snacks after 20h at night or before 05h30 in the morning.  It does take energy, it does take planning and it sucks.  BUT (a very big but), I found that changing my routine becomes routine after a while (go figure).  It was literally only the first week that required effort.  So this is me (an engineer who is rarely at home, who cannot cook to save her life and hates restricting what she eats) telling you that this is EASY!  Just do it (sorry Nike).  I’m going to show you the changes after just 31 days and I will keep on showing you as I go along…

My Progress

My progress in just 31 days

I have a lot of stubborn fat in my abdominal area.  At this point I have to say, weight is not everything.  The combination of weight, muscle and body fat is the key.  As shown below, the “shape” of my combo is a “C” and the experts want it to be a “D”, so I still have a long way to go in terms of muscle mass.

My latest scan

My latest scan

There were a lot of changes I made to achieve this, but on this page I want to share what I started eating.  Here is the very generic, simple meal plan that I started off with.  This was specifically designed for my suite of fertility problems by Marenel Pansegrouw, Registered Dietician (UP), from Midstream Hill Dieticians in Unit 105, 1st Floor Midstream Hill Medical Park.  Please, if you are in the area, contact her on +2712 942 1112 or +2772 456 8410.  She is amazing!  I’ve picked my favourite 3 options out of the 5 options that were given to me.  During my journey I’ve started experimenting with more complicated recipes and I will keep on sharing that with you too!

Breakfast ideas

Lunch Ideas

Dinner Ideas

A few notes.  I’m trying to educate myself about hormones in my food, organic, free range and grass fed options.  I’ve been looking at this link for meat options and this link for fish.  I had to start looking at raw meat and fish from butcheries, I had to start asking about hormone and fat content (for me, that’s embarrassing).  I had to start eating more fish, 3 times per week, to increase my omega 3 intake and I quite like the following options:  Sardines, Salmon, Haddock, Cod, Blue mussel, Oysters, Shrimp, Yellowtail and Angelfish.

And I promise, just watch this space, I’m going to update this page with ideas for snacks and desserts soon!  If you have any suggestions / comments or even websites that offer amazing recipes, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE share!  I’m constantly on the lookout for easy recipes, which any idiot can understand, on my journey to wellness!

(I am South African based, so most of the resources on this site will be proudly South African)